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03 October 2007 @ 03:53 pm
I am so bored - There is no torture more vile than boredom.
I mean even if you were having millions of needles one by one inserted into your eyeballs I would not be afraid to bet you would not be bored.

Today I worked in the Sushi place in Wal-mart.
Me and them damn deli bitches are about to have it out.
There old bitches that can't get any and they just love playing the race card every chance they get. They don't think I can speak English but I hear every gd word that comes out of their wrinkled old mouths. Fucking cockroaches. But whatever. And I don't have to train anymore so I make about 70things of sushi in an hour 8D I'm goood yo'.

Anyway. Next week I go get my septum piercing done. Jade Dragon in Chicago is suppose to be one of "the best here" so I'm going down there. damn I can't wait till next year. I want a tattoo bad. I also can't wait to get my ass to Cali.

What is your views on females with full arm tattoos.
I'm talking from the shoulder to the tips of your fingers.
Think "kyo-ish".....now please tell me XD
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Current Music: Dir en grey - Repetition Of Hatred.
02 October 2007 @ 03:20 pm
Going to the mall at 5pm. It's now 3:21? I think. Something like that.
I'm so bored and I want to watch House.
And I need tea. Because I'm really thirsty at the moment.

I keep hinting to my mom to bring me a drink. Bawhaha - I'm not lazy it just took me a while to get my computer to get signal and I don't want to ruin it by getting up. plus my legs hurt. D'8 too much walking. I give up on jobs. There to stressful for me, I'm going to get a pay pal and waste my life on the internet making money. It can be done...I just need a paypal XD

Okay I have a hint for people who are just now getting jobs.
For you the student there are hints.
  1. Do not tell me how to do my job when. A) You don't know what it is I'm suppose to be doing. And B) You can't even do your own job. I'm so sick of this. Srsly. Leave me alone, let me do it the way I was told and shown to do it and you go ahead with you bitch fest of a life and leave me alone. I do not work for you. There for you have no right to bitch at me.

  2. When I am showing you how something is suppose to be done aka "Training" that is just what I am doing. I am "training" you. There for, YOU do not know how to do this. I am the one with the knowledge and you are the cockroach. When I ask you "Do you understand" and you say "yes". I can only assume that you paid attention and in fact do now know how to do it. So when I come back to see your progress 10mins later and you have done NOTHING, and not once asked me to explain or show in more detail to you how it is done. ONLY expect me to be mad.
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Current Music: Dir en grey - Ryoujoku no Ame
01 October 2007 @ 04:56 pm
You ignorance is about 4 out of 5 stars. ★★★★☆

I'm mad sick of people right now. I want to go home, go to my room, curl up with a thing of popcorn, tea, my mmpr movie, and my laptop and not come out for about 3 months. That or start riot control and make some Soylent Green.

These accents here I can't understand. Gurh. Damn people. Why is it one language can sound so different? It's everywhere...Japan, US, China...ect. every where the main language of the country gets warped around to create there own little sub-language. Then when you travel it makes it hella hard on you because you learned one way, and they speak completely different.

Ohh and by the way. If you buy Winnie the Pooh things.
I would suggest buying from Japan. 
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Current Music: Dir en grey - Mr. Newsman
30 September 2007 @ 05:18 pm
Dozing Green Limited Edition is now beginning to fade away.
Cdjapan is already sold out. And I need that CD like I need oxygen to survive.
YES, To survive rest solely on a round disk.

I do not want to go to work tomorrow. I want to stay home and sleep. Or go to Chicago or something other than making sushi and running into freezers and having the smell of ginger up my nostrils. It's a nice job and I am very glad that he is giving me this opportunity, but I just want a day off, na.

I've lost some weight while up here. Very nice I will say, hope to lose more.
I would like to get down to 90 pounds LMAO! Yes I like the highly under weight, tattoos up the arms, full of piercings, rocker look. I get my septum piecing next week. Tattoo's come next year only sadly. I tried talking them in to this year. But "When you can move out of the house, you can get a tattoo." I say "BOOO!!!" To you good sir! Also now making my new myspace. Myspace hates me and will not allow me on my account. So I had to resort to making a new one altogether.

I might just make a new VF. Because I can't remember my sn name or password for my last account. I suck dearly. Even though that site suck monkey balls, it amuses me none the less.
I need a cigarette. Bad. So, so dearly in need.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Adri!!
Well unless I end up not getting it. Then...Thanks for trying XD
I love my Dir en grey 8D Too much I do believe..
Current Mood: amused
Current Music: Dir en grey - Repetition of hatred